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QuickDesign Demo / Test Drive

This will give you a taste of what we have to offer and how easy it is to use our QuickDesign process to design your site. There are 7752 possible combinations! 76 color schemes, 17 font families and 6 layouts. Here we give you a small sample of those options with 10 color schemes, 3 font families and 3 layouts for a total of 90 possible randomized options. See how easy it is to design your own web site. Test drive the process!

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Color Scheme: Orange Grey

Select a layout

Preview full size Solid Three Column

Solid Three Column Layout with multi-color header and footer, mainnav1 at the base of the header, Headlines in left column and subnavigation with exclusive rights to the right column

Preview full size Solid Two Column

Solid Two Column Layout with solid color header and footer, mainnav1 at the base of the header, subnavigation area above headline area in right column

Preview full size Open Space Three Column

Open Space Three Column Layout well suited for a blog, with all navigation nested in the left colum under the company name and slogan, center content area, no header, headlines in right column, floating footer centered under center content column

Font Families

Select a Font Family

 |  Myriad Web  |  Serif  |  Lucida Console