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Mobile Marketing

Larry White

Go ahead and ask. “What’s mobile marketing?”

Formally, it’s a method of commercial communication on a mobile device.

Quite simply, it’s advertising your product or service on a potential customer’s cellular phone.

That’s what makes it mobile, unique, and downright irresistible to the advertiser. Who wouldn’t want to leverage a limited advertising budget on a device that a consumer carries and continually consults more than 14 hours of every day, 365 days of every year? What other kind of advertising can offer you saturation numbers like that?

According to CNET Reviews, in a world populated with roughly 6.8 billion people, nearly 74% carry mobile devices.

That should come as no surprise. All you have to do is take a look around. Everywhere you go you see people with device in hand checking email, managing stock accounts, monitoring a sporting event, watching a sitcom, playing a game or – yes, even making a phone call. In fact, you probably own one yourself but maybe never considered it as a marketing gold mine.

I understand that business owners are experts on their products and aren’t necessarily experts in marketing. But there are new, forward thinking, creative firms available that can take your business and put it in the pockets of your soon to be customers. Beware of old school mass marketers who operate on the “spend more to sell more” approach. Look instead for the young entrepreneurial marketers who were reared on the Internet and are technically savvy.

A professional mobile marketer can actually find and target customers who are already interested in your product! What other form of marketing can do that?

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