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Web Discovery then Web Design then Implementation and finally Launch

Drew Harris

We believe that "less is more" as a result, we have a very simple four (4) step approach when we develop solutions for our clients. We do NOT start with Design! We start with Discovery (step 1). In Discovery, we work with you to determine who is the audience, and look at the situation through their eyes to help us identify the best solution for the right people the direct result of our Discovery is the development of a strategic roadmap to success for the project. Once we have that, we can then move to Design (step 2) where we Design and Architect the right solution for the right people resulting in a Design build that is the bridge for a connection with your customers. Upon your sign off on the Design, we'll move to Implementation (step 3) where we will execute the engineering and development as well as conduct both alpha and beta testing to ensure the result is a solid engineered working build of the Design. Upon completion and sign off of the Implementation we will Launch (step 4). During Launch there is an opportunity to advertise, announce and build hype about your new solution that has been successfully installed on a production environment.  The end result is a solid complete solution that has been designed, architected, engineered and tested for the right people.

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