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Each persona is a character in your own screenplay written for the web
Date: February 17, 10

Cousin Eddie rocks because he embodies everything that is wrong with our own families.  Personas can rock your web project and marketing efforts!  Each persona is a character in your own screenplay written for the web.

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Personal Marketing by Leonardo da Vinci
Date: February 15, 10

I receive several newsletters these days.  I like to see how different companies are using the power of the web to market their businesses and services.  Some of these efforts are better than others.  However, this morning as I read the latest newsletter from Marc Cenedella of I was "blown away" to read a personal marketing letter from the true renaissance man; Leonardo da Vinci.

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How much better could software be?
Date: February 08, 10

Back in August of 2009 I wrote an article about the idea of using the concept of personas to help develop better software (The Power of Personas). This touches on one of many things that we do here at QuantumDelta help make the software we develop and create better. This morning, I watched a great video interview of Jason Fried of 37Signals talk about many things. He discusses security, service, the software industry, cloud computing. This is a good interview that is very educational. However, it got me thinking... Think outside of the box... dream big, and think about the question. How much better could software be? Read Entry