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How are you getting new clients these days?
Date: October 29, 09

Personally, I've built my entire business on referrals. No real advertising dollars have been spent, no sales force, just referrals. This has worked for us well. However, recently several of my clients have helped me appreciate what we have to offer to our clients. Deedra Determan (one of our clients) of 918moms recently said; "QuantumDelta is the best kept secret in Web Development". Watching our clients talk about how wonderful our Content Management System (QDCMS) is use and how great we are about customer service has got me thinking. What is working to help businesses in this recession get new clients? I'd love to know. Read Entry

A Business Plan for the Web?
Date: October 15, 09

If you are curious about Social Media, Twitter, Video on the web, blogs, analytics and how you can use these tools to provide your business with an exceptional ROI that can impact your bottom line in a very positive way you should know this: There is no one tool that is a "silver bullet" to slay your competition! It is the combination of using many things on the web that apply to your business and appeal to your potential buyers that will make the difference. Read Entry

Setting Goals for your web project
Date: October 08, 09

In my opinion, there is the problem with typical web goals like "Enhance ad management system to provide geo targeting of ads in 60 days"... Then what? You achieved the goal... so now what? Set another goal? I am not saying that these don't have their place or do not have value. I just think there is a better way. Read Entry

What ALL do you get with a QDCMS powered QuickDesign site?
Date: October 05, 09

I've recently been asked; "What ALL do you get with a QDCMS powered QuickDesign site?" So, I came up with this quick list: • Web Pages - add and update as many web pages as you'd like for your site • Links and Navigation - Build your own site navigation with ease • QuickDesign options - just like the site, as a site admin within the security of QDCMS you can easily change the layout, color scheme and font of your site design anytime you want. Read Entry