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Quantum Delta Quick Design Sites
Date: August 31, 09

QuantumDelta Quick Design Sites offer six different templates at present. Site Administrators can choose from 76 different color schemes and 17 different fonts. When you choose a QuantumDelta Quick Design you can change the Layout, Color Scheme, and Font Family anytime you wish with a click of a drop down and push of a button. This means that changing the look of your site can be just about as easy as changing your mind. The tools that come standard with a QuantumDelta Quick Design site does not stop there! You get the full power of the QDCMS base package standard and the ability to easily upgrade to a custom design and add additional modules anytime. Read Entry

Why we use Apple products
Date: August 28, 09

In the QuantumDelta office you will see Apple products ranging from iPods, to MacBookPros and almost everything in between and there's a reason for it. Ease of use, security, support, and visually appealing are four of the main reasons. Read Entry

The Power of Personas: Software should NOT make you feel stupid!
Date: August 25, 09

Typically, web developers do not create software/sites that is fun and easy for real people to use. The most perfect software is still a failure if no one ever uses it, or for that matter can not use it because it makes its people feel stupid when they try and use it. This entry explains the power of developing a true target with a few well thought out and somewhat detailed personas projects go much smoother for both client and developer. Read Entry

Websites need easy Content Management
Date: August 20, 09

While it took a good long time we've done it! We are launching QDCMS to the world. I'm not saying that QDCMS is perfect by any means, as a a team of engineers, we are always finding ways where we can improve QDCMS, but... QDCMS does make Content Management easy. Read Entry